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Hello, I'm Nick..

A British photographer, retoucher & day dreaming videographer specializing in editorial, fashion and portraiture. Making it up as I go along with a cup of tea in London, England. Finding photography was accidental, to be honest if it wasn't for photography I'd be living in a 10x4 for about 15 years. Back when I was surrounded by the wrong people I used to sit by my bed and take pointless photos on a burner phone..erm I mean Sony Ericsson k750i.

Cutting all negativity out of my life and not letting the devil influence my plans, I decided I wanted to photograph moments but in a editorial way for the rest of my life. Without music, fashion and negativity I would never be creative. I'm not one for spending hours and hours retouching photos to a stupid unrecognizable level, embrace your face/body for what it is. I've had the pleasure of working with so many talented people and having my work published in various publications nationwide.

If you'd like more information about testing, services I can provide or just want to say hey please;